Wigs for Kids


For over 30 years, Wigs for Kids has been providing Hair Replacement Solutions and support to children who have lost their hair due to Chemotherapy, Alopecia, Burns and other medical issues. Children receive their hair replacements at no charge to the child. Other groups accept hair donations, but they charge the children for the replacements. Wigs for Kids allows children to continue their active lifestyle with out feeling insecure about their appearance, without the worry of the expense. Hair replacements are created using human hair donations, which are sent as ponytails or braids of at least 12 inches in length. The hair replacements can be attached with medical grade adhesive strips so they stay in place through the most rigorous conditions, and can be styled any way, to allow a child to look themselves and live their lives. Hair replacements are custom-fit to each child’s head. Children are able to choose everything, from the color, the length, the texture and how its styled.

Persons who would like to donate their hair need to go to the Online Hair Donor Form at https://www.wigsforkids.org/donate-your-hair/donate-a-ponytail/  

During this step, you can choose to Donate Hair only, Donate Hair with a Financial Donation, or Donate Hair for a Girl Scout Patch! Once you have submitted the online form, a page with a personal ID number will be generated. When you come to the salon for your haircut, we will put that number on the form we put in the envelope with the hair to be mailed back to Wigs for Kids. By doing this administrative work, we help Wigs For Kids keep their administrative costs low. After hair has been cut, we will provide you an addressed envelope for you to mail your hair to Wigs For Kids. You will need to have the envelope weighed and purchase the postage for the package before you mail it.

If you choose to donate your hair, Salon Summit will cut your braid or ponytail off for free. If you would like to follow up with a more structured, or layered cut and style, we would charge for that. ($40.00) We hope you will let us add your picture to our Wigs For Kids page!